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installing a water feature in your yard installing a water feature in your yard
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Add the sound of water to your outdoors

Adding the element of water to your landscape will not only break the silence in your garden but it can greatly enhance the overall appeal and value of your home. Waterfall installations and water fountain installations will enhance the look of your outdoors spaces and also add the sound of peace itself. The sound of running water is something that many people associate with adding a sense of peace and calm to their outdoor living space. A garden of sound filled with waterfall noises or the sounds of running water can create a more peaceful place for you to relax at the end of a hard day. Whether you are looking for a small water feature , outdoor fountain, garden pond, waterfalls, or a medium sized pond, Flowergirlsgardening is here to help you, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have some form of water feature in your garden. So here are some great options on creating calming sounds and a pleasant view to your outdoor spaces. We take pride in designing affordable yet innovative water feature installations

  • Stone Waterfalls
    Stone Waterfalls
  • Steel Water Features
    Steel Water Features
  • Ponds
  • Clay Water Features
    Clay Water Features
waterfall installation

Water Features Available :

1. Natural Stone Ponds
2. Pondless Waterfall
3. Water Garden Ponds
4. Artificial Streams

5. Small Sunken Water Fountains
6. Fish Ponds
7. Mini Creeks

8. Drilled Rocks
9. Water Walls
10. Water Garden
11. Natural Rocky Waterfall with Pond