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It’s time for a Make Over

Container gardens are the perfect add-on to incorporate splashes of color and turning your patio or porch into a lively space. We will help you choose the right style of pottery that will best match the style of your home. We will also assist you in choosing the best combination of plants to best suit your specific needs

  • Glazed Container Pots
    Glazed Container Pots
  • Hanging Baskets
    Hanging Baskets
  • Sugar Kettles
    Sugar Kettles
  • Window Boxes
    Window Boxes
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Ceramic Container Arrangements

Hanging Baskets

Sugar Kettles

Urban Container Arrangements

Decorative Container Arrangements

Vertical Container Arrangements

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Terracotta Container Arrangements

Indoor Mini Container Arrangements

Customized Container Gardens

Wooden Barrel Arrangements

Succulent Container Arrangements

Self-watered Container Arrangements

Tabletop Container Arrangements

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Seasonal Container Arrangements

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