flower bed installation flower bed installation
patio flower beds patio flower beds
natural stone edging for flower beds natural stone edging for flower beds
painted brick walkway painted brick walkway
walkway installation walkway installation

A garden’s personality comes from more than its plants

Once the foundation of your landscape is in place, decorative accents can then be added to create your own personalized environment. Create your very own outdoor environment by adding “ Decorative Accents” to compliment the rest of your landscape. If you have been thinking about adding hardscape to your landscape and do not know where to start, contact us now for a free quote. We will give you our honest advice on what would work best with your existing landscape or where to begin if you are starting from scratch. Adding decorative accents to your existing landscape can help heighten the curb appeal of your home while enhancing the functionality of your outdoor spaces. We can help you bring your vision to life at a very fair price. We will work with your ideas, requests and budget. Quality over quantity is our number one priority.


    Pathways / Patios / Edging / Mailboxes Fire Pits Retaining Walls


    Rock Gardens Dry Streams

  • WOOD

    Decks Pergolas Trellis Arbor Wooden Bridges Docks


    Steel Edging Sugar Kettles

wood structure

Wood Structures

Whether you want to build a deck, pergola, arbor, gazebo or even a fence we can help you. We offer full outdoor carpentry services.


Add a touch of personality to your landscape with an arrangement of different sized boulders.