Strongwell Nordic Hydroponics Flower Pot Fairy Garden

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Style: Simple

Application scenarios: Offices, hotels, home furnishings, shopping malls, greening projects, home gardening, balcony gardens

Brand: Basin Friends Circle Trade

Process: Machine production

Color: Golden Classic White and Black, Translucent Blue, Translucent Purple, Translucent Rose Red, Translucent Green, Translucent Orange, Translucent Pink, Translucent Red

Size :M3 (110#pot + planting basket + cotton rope): upper 11cm*height 11cm*lower 8cm, M4 (120#pot + planting basket + cotton rope): upper 12cm*height 13cm*lower 9cm, M5 (150#pot +planting basket+cotton rope): upper 13cm*high 14cm*lower 10cm, M7 (180#pot + planting basket+cotton rope): upper 17cm*height 19cm*lower 14cm, M9 (190#pot+planting basket+cotton rope ): upper 18cm*height 19cm*lower 15cm, M11 (220#pot + planting basket + cotton rope): upper 22cm*height 21cm*lower 18cm


1、Automatic water-absorbing flower pots, let you get rid of the embarrassment that no one takes care of plants, high-quality PP5 resin, derived from natural trees, safe and healthy, not easy to age
Use natural resin, super absorbent resin

2、 Water storage principle: Just pour water into the flowerpot, the inner basket of the flowerpot comes with cotton rope, through the principle of penetration and water absorption, it can provide enough water for the plants, even if they are on business trips or travel, they can maintain the water needed by the plants , Visual watering makes it easier for plants to feed.

3、Thicken the pot body, the flower pot is more durable after thickening treatment

4、 A variety of colors are available, according to different decoration needs to choose different color matching, let your life take on a whole new look

Packing list:

1*Flower pot